Project Life 2015: Week 11 – California eDition

Vacations always take the longest to scrap, I swear.  And, yes, I am still working on Week 11 from this year.  I am so far behind, I just really don’t see light at the end of the tunnel right now.  I was supposed to be able to get more photos/layouts done using Cathy Zielske’s layouts, and reducing the number of embellishments I had in my layouts this year.  Not happening.  I have broken my rule of staying current, and always working on the past in between working on current layouts.  I think once I get this year’s vacation completed, I’ll try to work on the holidays so I can at least get those done.  I still have a few more photos/layouts that run over into Week 12 of our vacation, so those will be coming soon.

As always, I used mostly Anna Aspnes’ products on my layouts, and there are just too many to list them all.  You can find all her supplies at











Project Life 2015: Week 10 – Wedding eDition

This week in our Project Life is the week my oldest daughter got married.  The one thing I didn’t do that I really should have done was journal about the event.  I just had SO MANY photos that I wanted to include in the layouts, but couldn’t include them ALL or it would have been another four pages!  I think that’s something I’m going to focus on doing for the page following these layouts.  Fortunately (or not depending on how you look at it), this is as far as I’ve made it in 2015 so far.  OMG!  I just did the tally, and I am literally TWENTY TWO WEEKS BEHIND!  Deep breaths, deep breaths.

I used Anna Aspnes’ Among Friends Art Play Palette for this week’s layouts as well as a few doodahs from her other kits.  I love her metal words kits, and would love to see her do some more!  Especially in a “Bombshell” type font.  That is one font I’m beyond tempted to purchase.  I freaking love it so much, and haven’t found anything close to it for free.  Maybe if I ever work on designing for myself someday, but can’t justify spending that much on a font right now.  Used Katie Pertiet’s Counting Weeks card, and Cathy Zielske’s template.

My daughter used Karlee K Photography for her wedding photographer, and she did an amazing job with Claire & Justin’s wedding photos.  It was a gorgeous day!







Project Life 2015: Week 9

Since this is page 2 in a spread, I used Anna Aspnes’ Art Play Palette Cherish to match Week 8’s art.  I also used Anna’s Faded Words Celebrate, Katie Pertiet’s Counting Weeks, and the template is Cathy Zielske.  It was a super fun week getting ready for my oldest daughter’s wedding, having her bachelorette party.  Super proud of my kids and all their adventures so far this year!


Project Life 2015: Week 8

Something different I’m doing this year is to do a little recap of the headlines each month as well as the top 10 pop songs each month.  I think this kind of stuff is super fun to look back on with the whole “remember when” kind of thing.  As a kid, I totally loved to listen to and write down the top 40 songs on the radio each Sunday in my journals.  It totally takes me back when I read those pages!  I use Kelly Sill’s (September Blue) Top of the Charts and Making Headlines templates for these.

For this week’s layout, I was able to consolidate all my content into one page.  I get carried away with WAY too much content each week (and sometimes wind up with 10 page spreads if I’m not careful), which can get kind of expensive when it comes time to print a physical album.  Remember, I print one for each kid and one for me, so that makes a total of six albums for each year.  YIKES!  I rely heavily on Blurb coupons, that’s for sure!  I haven’t even printed 2012 or 2014 for the kids yet, and will probably have to wait for my tax refund in February for that along with 2015, hopefully.

Anyhoo, I used the same items from Katie Pertiet and Cathy Zielske that I do each week, and Anna Aspnes’ Art Play Palette Cherish for this round.


Project Life 2015: Week 7

Celebrating my little Chlopepper’s birthday this week of 2015!  I used one of Cathy Zielske’s layouts as I have chosen to do for the entire year.  Love the simple squared edges & super wide borders of this particular series.  It’s also super easy to mix and match sizes for various photos that don’t come in the sizes I want in her layouts.  I’m digging using Katie Pertiet’s counting weeks this year for continuity.  And of course, Anna Aspnes style is one that I simply adore for the artwork.  I’m trying to not get so hung up on embellishments as I am content this year.  I’m leaning toward more Word Art than cute bits on the layouts, although sometimes I can’t pass up a cute doodah.  I used Anna’s Go Retro Art Play Palette for these two layouts this week.  Also bits from her Knowledge, Sage, Radiant, and Learn Art Play Palettes as well as Anew Word Art.



Project Life 2015: Week 6

For this week’s layouts, I used items from Anna Aspnes Art Play Palettes Artsy, Basketball, Authentic and ExLibris as well as Katie Pertiet’s Counting Weeks, and layout from Cathy Zielske.  It’s always fun to create layouts from birthday weeks!



31 Things: Prompt 4 – Spirit


This story is a pretty personal one for me, and there is so much more that I could have said regarding my spiritual history.  I think it sounds a bit matter of fact, and not really very emotional.  I feel it’s a bit different that what Ali’s prompt intended, but is what makes it mine.  I used doodahs from Anna Aspnes’ kits.