Project Life 2013: Week 50


Finally, I have everything related to my sister’s last few weeks & funeral finished.  Now I can move forward without any more emotional road blocks & wrap up 2013.  I eliminated the middle image of her kids in the top layout out of respect.  I used Anna Aspnes Why Not ArtPlay Palette for these two layouts.


Man’s Best Friend



I had lunch with my best friend the other day.  Her new puppy, Sierra Bonita, is such a cutie.  And I’m not a dog lover.  At all.  But this kid?  Man, she stole my heart.  Of course,  my BFF is amazing with training dogs.  I was impressed with how well behaved she was for only being 4 months old.  I had a present for my friend, and this puppy went nuts over the tissue paper (hence the tissue in the photo).  She’s too dang cute.  I miss photography.  I really do.