Project Life 2014: Week 7

This week’s Project Life pages features my daughter Chloe’s 15th birthday as well as Valentine’s day.  It’s crazy to see what was going on in our lives back then.  Jesse was still together with his girlfriend, Mady.  They’ve long since broken up.  That’s what life’s all about, though, right?  We can’t have only the fantastic memories, some of them can be a bit painful to look at when we review the past.  I try to include all of it when I’m documenting our Project Life.

I used Anna Aspnes’ ArtPlay Palette and was still using the traditional Project Life layouts early on in the year, along with some of my own personal tweaks.



Project Life 2014: Week 6

Another one of Anna Aspnes’ great products over at O’Scraps:  Art Play Palette “Radient” as well as Katie Pertiet’s calendar card.  I had planned on using those more often, and somehow I didn’t.  It makes for a lot of work to match the layouts I’m doing.  I prefer other week embellishments that Katie has created over this one, although it looks great once I get it how I want it in my layout.  Lots of fun with Gabbi’s birthday this week.Week-06-1-Web Week-06-2-Web

Project Life 2014: Week 5

Another great Art Play Palette from Anna Aspnes:  “Bask”.  I love the bright, happy colors in this palette.  It goes great with our tragic experience of the superbowl this past year with the Broncos pathetic loss.  My son and daughter-in-law had their photos in Times Square’s “Make Love, Not War” campaign.  That was pretty cool.  Brielle is growing like a weed.  More fun in our crazy lives!Week-05-1-Web Week-05-2-Web

Project Life 2014: Week 4

I love this week’s layout using Anna Aspnes’ Art Play Palette “Care”.  With family in all different directions, I’m a huge fan of using social media in my layouts.  I also love using snapchat.  Our family sends each other a lot of snapchats.  I break the rules by screenshotting them, but I can’t help it.  We have some great snapchats worth saving forever!  It’s a great way to insert my kids’ point of view into my Project Life layouts.Week-04-1-Web Week-04-2-Web

Project Life 2014: Week 3

I haven’t been to the zoo in so long.  I need to grab my family & go.  Brielle is at the perfect age to go to the zoo; I have so many flashbacks from when my own kids were little when we go!  I used Anna Aspnes’ Forester ArtPlay Palette on this week’s layout.  I’m a huge fan of grabbing social media & throwing it into my layouts, it makes for memorable journaling by my kids, rather than just me.Week-03-1-Web Week-03-2-Web

Project Life 2014: Week 2

As I look back to the 2nd week of the year, I’m amazed at how quickly time flies!  Holy cow!  My granddaughter was just turning one, and was taking steps, moving from baby to toddler.  Now she’s chattering away, and in full-blown toddler mode.  It’s amazing how quickly they grow up.  I used Anna Aspnes’ ArtPlay Palettes for these layouts, and I was still using the traditional Project Life layout templates at the beginning of the year.  My style has definitely changed a lot since then.Week-02-1-Web Week-02-2-Web

Project Life 2014: Week 1 – Namaste

So, my one little word for this year is “Namaste.” Originally I wasn’t even going to bother with participating in Ali Edwards One Little Word Project. A friend I had met through one of Kim Klassen’s photography classes inspired me. At the end of last year (after I’d totally forgotten about my one little word), she posted a picture of me on her thread from the beginning of the year, and tagged me reminding me of my one little word “Smile.” She said, “Look at you, you’re smiling!” And she was right! My olw journey to smile actually happened! I did it. At the beginning of the year I was unemployed, recovering from a horrible break up, my anti-depressants were all screwed up, and life completely sucked. I was coming out of Costco one day, and couldn’t hold back the tears. They just started flowing & I couldn’t hold them back. The guy at the door drew a smiley face on my receipt and wrote “Smile” on it. I taped it to my bathroom mirror, and saw that stupid receipt every. single. day. When my friend posted that picture of me, I realized that I was happy. I had fully recovered from all the drama.

I had found an amazing job that has forced me to grow in ways I never even imagined. Yet at the same time, I have zero stress. I work with some stellar individuals who make me laugh every single day. I had always visualized my end game teaching at a community college full time, but I can’t see myself leaving this place. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that life is going to take you where it wants you to go. So, I don’t fight it anymore. I’ll cross each bridge as I come to it. I’m open to the possibilities life has to offer, but I am also content.

My sister passed away last December, and it brought out so many old feelings and emotions. I can’t even begin to tell you everything… part of the whole “to share or not to share” dilemma. But when my friend prodded me to choose a word for 2014, NAMASTE seemed perfectly fitting. I wanted to go back to my homemaking roots, to focus more on my children. Do little things with them and for them. Simple things like bake banana bread. It’s hard balancing the whole single mom thing, I’m not even going to lie. But focusing on that inner peace and calm was the best thing I could have done for me, for my family, for life.

My own mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, and moved in with me full time this summer. THANK GOD FOR NAMASTE! There were times I thought I was going to go insane this year. However, I’m resigned to taking care of her, and am glad this is her chosen place to be. It has been an adjustment for all of us, but I’m good with it. It’s nice to be there for her. The woman who rescued me from a bad marriage, who helped support my children and me when I went back to school that first year after my divorce, the woman who used to sing to me at night before I fell asleep in my pink canopy bed as a child. I’m not doing it to go to heaven (because I don’t believe in that) or because Jesus loves me (I don’t believe in him anymore either)… I’m doing it because I love her. Because it’s the right thing to do. Because I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night worrying about her being in a home, or alone. No. It’s the divine in me seeing the divine in her. It’s namaste.

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